Food for Thought !

We feel technology is changing faster and so the way of film making and as independent we have lots of way to show our films, be it on internet or on mobile or on a private viewing platform and so on.

Social media is playing a major role in spreading and promoting such kind of films but how much is it feasible!

Message from
Shankha Ghosh
(Gen. Secretary)

We will work for independent film making as of now!! But we have formed Theatre and Play Development Council/ Unit Photography, painting

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Quick Bytes
(Film Makers)

We believe in holistic development of art in any form!! Be it film making, painting, photography, theatre or music! Every month we

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Cinematic Journey

We Have organized a year-long screening of films by eminent film makers from every corner of India to celebrate 100 years of Indian Cinematic journey

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Short  Film Festival

Call for Culture Curry  Competitive Short  Film Festival-send your enteries at open till 30th January, 2016. The festival hinges on new talent discovery

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